Sunday, February 15, 2009

Advertising Program

Advertising program is a program where blog owners can get money by advertising on the other hand own blog page. The amount of money received will depend on the "contract" that is agreed between the owner of the program with the owner of blog page.

Other words, the company will pay for each visitor to the blog delivered to the merchant site, even if the visitor does not buy the product or service offered. example is a program or system with the "cost per 1000 impressions (CPM)." That is, the owners blog page ad will be paid when their clients appear 1000 times (with or without a visitor clicks on the ad)

Here are some addresses advertising program that can be used: / Adsense / publisher / specifications.html / adgenta_signup.htm

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pay Per Upload with Ziddu

Pay Per Upload Program is a program where blog owners can get money with a good mp3 files, video, and others - and then have to download a file that we upload. This time I try to introduce one of the programs that pay, ie, ziddu.

Ziddu provides hosting and file sharing for FREE. You can upload a photo, video, audio, documents and any file, and then share them to others. You'll have unlimited capacity and every time you upload a maximum of 200MB per upload the file.

Each one you successfully invite people to join in Ziddu then the fruit is upload 1 file only, then you will get $ 0.1. Well if you can be 10 people then you have $ 1.

Benefits of joining Ziddu:

1. Ziddu FREE
2. Pasive Income, because you do not need to do anything other than upload a file at any time you like, and men-sharingnya to others.
3. You have the facilities for free file storage with unlimited capacity.
4. You can share your files easily, because it already provided a link to download. You can publish your file download link on website, blog, forum, or wherever you like.

Unlike other programs, Ziddu not promising you rich quick, but at least can provide additional revenue for your passive. And one more thing to share things that are useful of course also get the reward ... I correct?

If you want to register click here or click the banner below

Paying Links : Linkbucks vs LinkPayer

You take the links that you post on the web and change them into links that can earn you cash!

You can post links anywhere, social networks, blogs, emails that you forward etc

For example, you post a link on Myspace about a car video on YouTube.

1. you use a LinkPayer link instead to display advertisements to the person that clicks on the link when they leave your Myspace, then it sends them to YouTube

They are currently putting $5.00 into your account just for joining!

2. create a paying link, paste the code on your website, and watch the money add up as people click on your links with linkbucks. Linkbucks is easy to use

That's all there is to it! is the easiest way to get paid for linking people to other websites.

Linkbucks and linkpayer payuot with paypal